5 ways Dealers can Pull Customers Closer and Make Them Experience Best Service

Buying a car is often considered to be the second-most important purchase after a house and customers understandably find it a daunting process given the complexity.  Auto dealers must be therefore able to step in at the right time.

Purchasing a car requires intensive research. Customers spend a lot of time and effort looking for information and expert opinions for the cars they might be considering. With customers using online sources extensively in their buying journey today, it becomes imperative for dealers to explore solutions with which they can connect with customers online. 

Live support is a proven solution for engaging with customers online and delivering high-quality customer service. A recent study has shown that 67 percent of customers find live support easy-to-use and 73 percent of those who used tools like live chat were highly satisfied.

Best Customer Experience Will Feature Rich Real-Time Collaboration Tools

Real-time engagement tools are indeed a cost effective yet powerful technological solution for providing online customer support. The platform consists of both audio and video tools that make it possible for improving customer engagement by enabling live interaction between the customer and the company representative, resulting in customers experiencing the best service.

Here are five ways in which virtual tools can bring customers closer:

  1. Co-browse for personalized guidance: A co-browsing session allows the company representative and the customer to simultaneously navigate a website, allowing the representative to provide interactive support and assistance and turning them in effectively personal shoppers. This goes a great way in reassuring customers and builds trust in the brand.
  1. Leverage video chat for live discussion: With live video chat representatives can add visual engagement in discussions with the client. This is extremely useful in cases such as demonstrations, live tour of inventory etc. as well as in better understanding customer requirements. It avoids the back-and-forth exchanges that other forms of communication result in.
  1. Click-to-call support: Customers facing difficulties or having questions will be able to reach out to you with just a click. Instead of having to deal with hold times on phones, with these tools customers get answers quickly leading to improved customer experience.
  1. Answer questions instantly: The flexibility of these real-time collaboration tools ensures that that company can deliver prompt and speedy customer support whatever be the platform, mobile or desktop. Such service ensures that buyer interest is retained
  1. Collaborate with Customers: Real-time file sharing and cobrowsing boosts the quality of customer service. With these tools, you can complete complex transactions and provide step-by-step help which results in faster sales and higher customer satisfaction

High Customer Satisfaction Results in Improved Business Performance

New digital trends are changing the face of automotive dealerships, offering new ways of reaching out to customers and connecting with them. Using the right tools, company agents will be able to take the lead in offering prompt and intuitive customer support.  There are several benefits that arise for auto dealers that deploy this powerful technological solution:

  • Higher convenience for Customers: As these multi-faceted tools have the capability to handle a wide range of activities, it reduces the need for repeated dealership visits for the customers which make it more convenient for them. From discussing product features to filling complex forms, virtual engagement tools have the capability to handle it all.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Customers are assured of receiving personalized, instantaneous and context-aware customer support leading to faster resolution and higher customer satisfaction. The live interaction is very close to in-store assistance making the customers feel comfortable with the process.
  • Reduced buying cycle: By offering relevant information quickly and delivering high-quality customer service, representatives will be able to speed up the buying process and improve the probability of showroom visits.
  • Improved sales productivity: The virtual engagement tools make it possible for sales staff to deliver the right support at the right time. Sales representatives can choose between cobrowsing, video chatting, and chat live as the need may be.
  • Lower operation costs: Deploying real-time engagement tool is cost effective as it requires no separate software purchase or installations. Integrated with the website, the customer can use the features of the solution instantly.

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