Accelerate the Complex Online Car Buying Process with Cobrowsing

Be it grocery or clothes, over the past decade online has come to the forefront when it comes to shopping. The online channel is increasingly being preferred as a result of the convenience and speed it offers.

It is therefore not surprising that even a major purchase like car buying is going online. Research has shown that almost 75 percent of surveyed car buyers would like to close their entire car buying process online, revealing a significant shift in consumer preferences. The traditional car buying process is thus slowly being replaced by online channels. Given this trend, it therefore becomes vital to have a strong online presence and deploy technologies that enable enhanced customer interaction.

Buying a car is a significant investment and a big-ticket purchase. Whether online or offline, purchasing a car is a complex process involving many steps, starting from evaluating different car models, deciding on features, to managing paperwork and financing. Buyers are therefore worried that they must make the right choice. The avalanche of options available can bewilder anyone which is why customers depend on authoritative and expert advisors like dealers during the process.

A dealership must leverage its Virtual Business Development centre to the maximum to ensure that customers who are looking to buy a car online are provided with immediate and ready assistance, making sure that customers don’t need to go anywhere else.

With online tools like co-browsing and car dealer chat, auto dealerships can interact with customers and give a personal touch to their service. These tools are therefore invaluable to make the online car buying an easy and reassuring experience for the customer, speeding up the purchase process significantly:

1. Not just talk but show options: People looking at buying a car often like explore options before shortlisting those that satisfy their needs. While traditionally buyers did this by visiting multiple dealers, in online car buying it can be done with going over information available on dealer websites. By having tools like co-browsing customer service agents can easily replicate the in-store experience and show buyers options, explore the in-site inventory, go over the models together to explore its features. Through this process, the buyer can easily and quickly narrow down choices.

2. Ease the customer’s journey through the online buying process: BDC Automotive tools such as video chat and co-browsing dealers enable dealers to cater to all requirements of car buyers, resulting in buyers not needing to step out of the comfort of their home. The entire vehicle selection including discussions on features, financing arrangements and necessary paperwork can all be done online. This speeds up the buying process and results in happier customers.

3. Provide solutions with instantaneous communication: The complex process involved in buying a car can naturally give rise to many question, doubts and worries. By not putting customers on hold and instantaneously connecting them via click-to-call Auto dealer chat you can provide ready support to the customers and help them through their queries. This reassurance can be very helpful in enabling customers come to decisions.

4. Close paperwork without hassle: Sharing and discussion on documents and paperwork requirements which are essential to start the buying process can happen simultaneously while browsing. Using car dealer chat, co-browsing and screen sharing, the customer service agent can guide the buyer through the varied forms and help in filling them up accurately. There are today even features like e-signatures that do away with the need for in-person signatures.

5. Build a strong customer relationship : A customer is more likely to buy when he receives supportive engagement from BDC Automotive sales staff. Video chats with co-browsing is sure-fire way to personally engage in face-to-face interaction and build a rapport with customer. This builds loyalty and trust, encouraging the customer to proceed with the car purchase process with you.

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