Auto Dealer Chat

Auto Dealer Chat

Auto Dealer Chat: The best way to engage and satisfy your customers instantly!

Companies have concluded two key factors about their customers:

1. They want and expect faster customer service.
2. They want their issues to be fixed the first time they call.

These two key factors have been present in customers from a very long time now. Customers are extremely impatient and want companies to prioritize their queries and issues as quickly as possible. This is not possible if they are catered to by making a phone call. In fact, most customers dislike the idea of making a call to the agent because of the long waiting queue that they have to go through. Another reason for customers disliking the “make a call” button on a website is because even when they wait for a long time to get through to the agent, their queries are mostly never solved after the first call.

The best way to fix this is by making use of VeriShow’s services. VeriShow’s video chat application can be of great use for automotive companies. When customers approach an automotive website, they will not be satisfied by visiting just the website. They will find themselves confused and eventually abandon the website due to not understanding how the process of car buying goes. Therefore, by using VeriShow’s software, automotive companies can benefit with higher sales and showroom appointments. The customers can make use of the auto dealer chat and contact the dealer directly. The dealer can not only respond to customers instantly but by using applications like auto dealer chat, co-browsing and screen sharing, he can easily guide his customers towards their specific requirements.


VeriShow’s Video chat, co-browsing and online screen sharing become the top tools for higher conversions for the automotive sector

According to, Customers prefer live chat for customer service, auto dealer chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel, with 73%, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone. By immediately responding to a customer’s queries via auto dealer chat, dealers can satisfy customers and make them feel prioritized. Customers are more likely to make purchase or book a showroom visit after video chatting with the dealer because they not only understand the processes better but they also start trusting the dealer with their requirements and needs.

VeriShow’s video chat or auto dealer chat becomes an important tool for the automotive industry because it essentially lets dealers and buyers connect with each other from anywhere in the world. A customer doesn’t necessarily need to be in town or even visit the showroom to buy a car as long as he can seek help from the agents directly via making use of the auto dealer chat option. VeriShow ensures that these applications work towards the betterment of the automotive industry largely since it will help them improve their engagement and also increase their consumer base by converting more and more customers and earning a great goodwill. VeriShow becomes the top solution to all of their worries and issues.

Here are the key features of VeriShow’s flexible and powerful suite of real-time engagement

Conduct Rich Interactive Customer Sessions

The co-browser and live person chat offered by VeriShow’s platform facilitates compelling discussions with customers. These tools make it possible for sales support staff to host live demos, interactive exploration of in-site vehicle inventory and financing discussions which increases the usability of the website

Deliver Human-Centric Customer Service

With tools such web video, VeriShow’s platform empowers company representatives to provide live personalised face-to-face interaction that is close to an in-store experience. The visual nature of interaction increases trust and loyalty.

Connect with Customer Simply And Securely, Regardless of Device

Virtual engagement tools offer flexible solutions that can be simply embedded into website, removing the need for downloads or licenses. Mobile, tablet or desktop, our solutions can connect customer service staff with customers in a secure manner enabling them to provide service promptly

Deliver Comprehensive Support Online

Online customer support need not be merely to answer questions. With VeriShow’s platform, sales personnel can transfer documents, have a face-to face discussion via web video chats, and jointly navigate website during product discussions. This ensures that company representatives offer in-person support on-screen whatever be the customer needs–a product-related question or an issue with transactions.