Automotive chat

Automotive chat

How does VeriShow automotive benefit dealers with the help of automotive chat?

Most of the market has shifted online and it’s about time that all deals related to car buying and dealership move online too. Most of the automotive websites these days offer a call or online form assistance, however, consumers are impatient and can hardly wait for a response from the agents. This is exactly where VeriShow’s services can help dealers get back to their customers better and faster. VeriShow’s applications, such as co-browsing, video chat and content sharing, can not only help dealers provide a quicker response to their customers but can also significantly help them in improving their customer service.

By making use of VeriShow’s video chat application along with co-browsing, dealers can respond to customer queries instantly. You can be there for your customers whenever they stumble upon a query or doubt. According to, How Today’s Auto Dealers Succeed in Business?, VeriShow’s tools can increase online engagement for customers by 67% and book a whopping 16% of the customers for a showroom visit. VeriShow’s technology provides cutting edge solutions and helps auto dealers make more sales by converting most customers online. The agents can immediately respond to their customer’s problems and guide them through complex decisions that they are required to make while deciding for an automotive purchase. Most customers abandon the website within a few minutes after landing because they feel confused as to how to proceed further. With live video chat, auto dealers can now speak to the customers in real-time and provide them with an in-store experience.


VeriShow’s automotive chat: Increase online engagement and sales easily

By making use of the automotive chat application, auto dealers can visibly increase online engagement for their customers by providing them with:

Live Guidance: Instead of waiting for a long time on a phone call, customers can easily get in touch with dealers via the automotive chat. Buying a car requires a lot of information and customer reassurance since it is a big commodity. That is why a lot of consumers visiting the automotive website require guidance and when they don’t receive it, they abandon the site. Dealers can now provide guidance to every customer quickly and in real-time.

Fast paced transactions: Whether it comes to exploring new cars or going through complicated transactions, automotive chat allows the dealers to assist the customers in doing so instantly. When an agent speaks to the customer directly about their problems and grievances, the customers open up and start trusting the agents. This leads to them sharing their personal details quicker leading to speedy execution of transactions.

Better customer service: VeriShow’s automotive chat can be used for solving queries even after sales. This will result in happier and satisfied customers. Providing great customer service becomes easy with the automotive chat application since customers can contact you any time after purchase if they have any queries or problems. Responding instantly to customers not only keeps them happy but also makes them feel prioritized.

The use of VeriShow’s automotive chat ensures more conversions and sales for automotive companies online.

Business Benefits From VerisShow’s real-time engagement tools:

  1. Improve lead generation capacity: By having a strong and effective online presence, automotive dealers can reach out and connect to customers who depend on online channels for information and inputs. This ensures that the leads pipeline remains strong since online channels are today becoming the primary source for sales leads
  2. Better sales conversations: Rather than waiting for in-store visits, website visits can be leveraged to provide customers with support through the purchase cycle – product demonstration, providing additional information or sending & receiving numerous documents. All of these can be done with ease using the multi-faceted tools from VeriShow
  3. Higher productivity for sales staff: Real time tools empower sales personnel to achieve more than mere discussion. These tools help the personnel to chat face-to-face, support in tackling complex processes and offer swift resolution for problems. This ensures improved first time resolution that heightens their productivity
  4. Build reputation as customer friendly dealership: By providing personalized and tailored customer service, auto dealerships who deploy real time virtual engagement tools will quickly gain reputation as a customer responsive team that delivers high quality service. This leads to higher loyalty and strong goodwill, which attracts new customers