BDC Automotive

Business Development Center (BDC) Automotive

How do VeriShow’s automotive solutions help dealers in satisfying customers and selling more?

BDC automotive translates to Business Development Center for automotive and it is the sole voice of the entire dealership. Customers can only speak to the agents and expect their queries to be resolved by them as quickly as possible. Since the automotive BDC represents the dealership, it is extremely important that the BDC fulfills its part and satisfies the customers.

In the early days, BDC automotive focused on a single goal using two different tools including phone calls and emails. However, things have drastically changed and dealers cannot make use of the same two tools anymore. Phone calls and emails must not be used by BDC automotive because these channels do not guarantee instant communication. Customers these days demand for immediate resolution of queries. If this condition is not met, they abandon the website and move on to the next option.

What’s the best way to resolve the problem of rising website abandonment rates?

BDC for automotive needs to reduce the abandonment rates by providing great customer service to the customers. VeriShow’s top-notch services can solve this problem for BDC automotive easily with the services offered. VeriShow offers great video chat and co-browsing services to the automotive industry which can significantly improve the BDC automotive. Agents can not only respond faster to the customer but can also speak to them directly in real-time. The customers can opt for the video chat option embedded on the dealer’s website from anywhere and they will receive an instant response from the agents.


VeriShow’s co-browsing and video chat services provide BDC for automotive with a number of benefits:

Reduces abandonment rates: When customers receive immediate responses from the dealer whenever they have a query, they feel highly prioritized. This makes them feel valued and important for the company. Since they receive undivided attention from the dealer, they don’t abandon the website in the middle of the conversation.

Boosts engagement: When customers are browsing an automotive website, there are high chances that they might end up feeling lost or confused as to how to take the process further. If the BDC automotive assists them in taking the process of car-buying further, they will not only feel less confused but they will also build trust on the dealership.

Increases conversions: While assisting the customers with their queries, agents can also take up this opportunity and make them aware about the other ongoing offers and services that the company offers. The customers feel satisfied and happier by the polite and instant response and tend to transact more. They also spread the word about the great attention that they received from the dealer which attracts more customers.

Improves first call resolution: Customers dislike approaching the BDC over and over again for their queries. Utilizing VeriShow’s services can provide massive help to the BDC for automotive. The dealers can speak to the customers whenever they have a query or a requirement. Agents can offer great services to customers completely hassle free by simply making use of software like co-browsing and video chat.

Here are the different ways in which BDC Automotive can help in improve sales performance: 

  • Interact Live with Customers : The click-to-call features offered by VeriShow’s platform enables customers to reach out to a live person immediately. This gives a human touch to the interactions, improving rapport and encouraging customers to engage further. 
  • Provide Live Tours Of Site and Product Portfolio : It is important to have impactful interaction with customers to evoke and maintain an customer’s interest. Real-time engagement tools such as co-browser and video chats make it possible for agents to conduct live sales tours, answer questions, have deep discussion on product inventory or features. 
  • Give Instant Responses To Customers: Instant communication is possible using live chat plugin and video chats. Agents can respond the moment questions are raised with context-aware tools. 
  • Provided Guided Support : Through the sales process, there are numerous activities that might require help from the agents. Filling in complex forms, or exploring additional product options – these activities can be done with in-person support via co-browsing. 
  • Conduct In-depth Discussions: Buying a car is a complex matter. There are lots of questions asked, clarifications given and documents exchanged. All these can be handled remotely via VeriShow’s tools through which you can discuss face-to-face as well as do online document sharing