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Dealer empowerment is necessary for increasing sales

With the shape of car industry changing due to technology, car dealerships have had to adapt their functioning and their processes in order reach their business goals. The biggest shift experienced by the dealerships is the customers’ preference for online channel  – most customers are…

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How Sales enablement indeed leads to increase in car sales

Companies across the world are implementing sales enablement tools and measures to boost the productivity of sales teams. Recent research by Forbes Insights has shown that companies consider sales productivity to be a factor for success. Almost 71 percent of C-suite executives consider this to…

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Empower Yourself To Sell More With Sales Enablement Tools

For every organization, its sales target is one of its biggest priorities. Achieving sales goals requires a skillful sales team that is attuned to customer needs and can convert leads at a healthy rate. This challenging task is made easier with Sales Enablement tools. Sales…

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