Car Dealer Chat

Car Dealer Chat

What Role do VeriShow's Video Chat and Co-browsing Applications Play in Selling More Cars?

As customer’s become more and more busy and impatient, it becomes essential to cater to that customer before they abandon your website. In this era of online shopping, nobody wants to wait because that is the whole purpose of shopping online. It provides customers with a lot to browse from right where they are sitting and also offers them the chance to pay for it without waiting in a queue. All of this is extremely easy and takes barely any time, however, the scenario transforms completely as we start speaking about buying cars online.

Cars are expensive commodities, therefore, customers can be reluctant about buying cars online. Buying a car is completely different from buying any other good online. Customers require a great deal of support and guidance before they can go ahead and book a showroom appointment with one of the agents. VeriShow’s offers car dealer chat applications such as video chat and co-browsing which allow the agents to directly speak to the customers online. These applications don’t need to be downloaded separately by the agents or the customers. They can simply embed the call button for car dealer chat directly on the automotive website and contact each other hassle-free.

Chatting with the car dealers in real-time boosts conversions and online sales

When customers are planning to buy a car, they often find themselves confused because of a number of options. This is exactly where they require an agent for assistance so that he can help them with their specific requirements and preferences. If customers don’t get a response from the dealer’s side, they simply abandon the cart. Using the car dealer chat application can be of great help for dealers as it directly lets customers contact dealers when they have any queries. The dealers can then provide them with solutions and options that best suit the customer’s requirements, in real-time. This results in happier customers and also reduces cart abandonment.

Customers nowadays expect a more personalized and quick response from the websites they are approaching. They are internet-savvy and want to solve most of their queries before they actually spend their precious time in booking a showroom appointment. VeriShow’s video chat and co-browsing services can perfectly take care of that as they let dealers provide an in-store experience to the customers and show them all they want, online. Since the customers can see and speak to the dealers by using car dealer chat, they feel valued and important. They also start trusting the company more as they are speaking to a human being rather than a machine.

This prompts completion of broad and complicated transactions as customers are probed to book showroom appointments. It also leads to better online engagement and boosts conversions and sales significantly. Online engagement is necessary because customers often cannot connect well with the company because of massive confusion about the products and services offered.


VeriShow's video chat and co-browsing applications can massively help automotive companies in:

VeriShow’s video chat and co-browsing applications can greatly help automotive companies in achieving their business goals:

  1. Increasing sales and conversions: Enhance the sales process with richer and interactive support by using live person chat and co-browsing. Sales support staff can leverage these tools to actively guide customers through the lead conversion process, resulting in faster and higher conversions 
  1. Increasing showroom appointments: As auto dealers a major challenge is converting visitors to the website into actual sales leads. By initiating valuable discussions through tools such as web video chats customers can be persuaded to make a visit to the showroom to move the process forward. 
  1. First call resolution: Real-time engagement tools offer the option to respond immediately to questions or doubts from customers. Not just that, given that these tools are context-aware and interactive, support staff can answers questions correctly and in an in-depth manner the first time itself, avoiding the need for back & forth communication. 
  1. Reducing site abandonments: A key reason for visitors to abandon a website is when they need help with something but are unable to find answers. Virtual engagement tools ensure that customer can contact and interact live with sales staff. 
  1. Building trust and goodwill: Customers naturally develop rapport and trust when they experience high quality of customer service. They gain confidence that their needs and expectations will be met consistently.

With the help of these factors, any automotive company can climb the ladder of success.