Consumers Demand Changes in Car Sales Structure, Channel of Contact & the Paperwork

The car buying process has changed dramatically over the years, with the ability online taking a prominent role, but customers are still not happy with what they experience when they set out to buy a car.

The process is long drawn, stressful and often confusing. Research has shown that only a very tiny percentage of car buyers today are happy with the car buying process. The most significant changes that the buyers are looking for involves key steps in process– the deal structuring, the paperwork and communication mode used in the process.

Around 56 percent of the buyers interested in using online resources for buying a car want the deal structure to start online since it offers more convenience and improves clarity. Almost 72 percent want the financial paperwork to be done online. This greatly improves their experience since they can do it on their own pace and at their convenience and not spend time unnecessarily at the dealership.

Given these very clear indications of customer preference, auto dealerships must make use of innovative tools that are available today to make the car buying process smoother and a more pleasant experience. Research has proven that quality of customer experience is more than price to buyers – around 54 percent said they will go to dealers that offer their preferred service over those only offering lower prices.

Real-time engagement tools can be the solution. Co-browsing, video chats and online document sharing options are easy and secure tools that can be used to enhance online customer experience. Auto dealers can use these tools to offer customer experience that are close to in-store experience without any of the hassle.

Co-browsing enables simultaneous browsing by which the customer and the customer service agent can jointly navigate a site remotely and also do document sharing online. Live video chats on the other hand provide an option to customers to quickly interact with a live person from the company.

By offering such customer-friendly options dealerships will see an increase in customer satisfaction leading to higher trust and loyalty.

Here are some of ways in which these tools make sure that dealers meet customer demands:

  1. Understand customer needs through video chats

The first step in building successful relationship is having a good grasp on what the customer needs are. Through video chats you can have face-to-face interaction wherein the customer can interactively explain and discuss what he is looking for.

  1. Explain product features and explore product portfolio via co browser

As a customer goes through the buying process, he typically looks over multiple choices, going in-depth into features and benefits. This is a crucial stage of the car-buying process. Using co-browsing software you can take your customer thought the car details, its special features and offers in an interactive manner that helps the customer in their decision making process.

  1. Discuss product options and financing through video chats

The core part of a deal structure is choosing the actual car model, finalizing its specifications and the financing. This complex piece involves a lot of discussion and can be done through video chats instead of an in-personal meeting. The live person chat allows you to interactively discuss and agree upon the deal structure remotely, making it an highly efficient option.

  1. Exchange important documents through secure content sharing features

Every car buying process involves heavy documentation. Instead of having to wait until a physical visit, you can use secure content sharing features available with co-browsing tool using which documents can be transferred in a jiffy.

  1. Sort out issues or problems through live chats

Customers could have multiple question or clarifications through the process of buying a car. With live online chat you can answer questions with minimum or no delay. The customer is relieved of the tedious process of calling a call-center or writing an email and waiting for a response.

  1. Handle difficult paperwork requirements via co-browsing

Filling up forms can be tricky. With co-browsing you can handhold and guide your customer in a personalized manner mimicking an in-person experience. This form of support can be invaluable for customers looking for help, and also speeds up the process.


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