Dealers Understood: Great Things Never Came from Comfort Zones

Auto dealers have to keep up with changing times to remain relevant. Customer preferences keep changing and dealership need to keep track and adapt to ensure that they appeal and stand out.

Consumers today are visiting dealers far less than before – in fact they test drive only 1.9 cars before actually making a purchase. This is because of a fundamental shift in the car buying process. Online is the preferred tool for people looking to buy a car these days. Looking over car options, understanding features and evaluating them can be done conveniently online, saving time and effort for consumers.  Not surprising that pre-purchase visits are down to an average of 2.2 dealerships!

Auto dealers thus must take advantage of numerous technological innovations available today to connect with customers in their preferred channel. Not doing so leaves then open to the danger of losing out customers and of course sales revenue.

Real-time virtual engagement tools like co-browser and video chats offer a powerful way to make a mark on customers who are looking to buy a car.  Co-browsing is a simple process of simultaneously browsing a website. Secure and private, this solution offers an easy way to guide your customer through your website, show your product portfolio or handle customer problems. Apart from live chats which help you to communicate in real time, there is the option of video chat online now.

Live video chats add a layer of visual communication to remote channels not available otherwise. Using video chats you can easily provide face-to-face interaction which helps customer to feel a higher degree of trust. It also eases up the process of communication as you can immediately discuss, clarify and sort out issues.

These tools are extremely easy to deploy and are cost effective since they do no need separate investments for hardware or software licenses. Using just a web browser and internet connection you can unleash a whole new way of interacting with your customers

There are numerous benefits from having a strong online presence amplified with real time engagement tools. They help you get closer to your customers and their needs.

Here are 7 benefits of adapting to the new car buying process and deploying essential online tools:

  1. Capture leads early

When you have a strong online presence, you have higher chance of getting your customer interested in your offerings, right at the time he gets interested. Similarly targeted leads building is easier since customers are often highly knowledgeable about the various available options.

  1. Communicate and educate the customers with ease at every stage of journey

Customers and dealers can interact through online channels at any time with ease instead of having to wait for actual physical visits. Live online chat and co-browser can make it possible for auto dealers to handles issues, answer questions and look through in-site inventory, whenever the customer feels the need.

  1. More flexibility in sales processes

By having an interactive website and tools that boosts communication, dealers can support the car buy journey proactively, through remote channels, intervening at the suitable movements.

  1. Convert sales faster and move the buying process faster

With car buying being such a complex activity, it is understandable that there are numerous rounds of questions and clarification. With digital tools like video chats and live person chat you can address their queries without having to wait for a visit resulting in the purchase process speeding up.

  1. Maintain healthy sales leads pipeline

Having appropriate engagement tools, dealerships will be able to consistently maintain a healthy lead pipeline since they will not have to wait for customers to walk into a dealership.

  1. Provide better one customer service

Adopting co-browsing and live video chats dealership will find it easy to provide interactive and personalized customer service. These tool play a vital role in improving speed and quality of customer service, thus resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

  1. Build reputation of customer friendly dealership

Persuasive interaction and collaboration improves customer rapport and satisfaction. This high quality service will help you build a strong reputation as a dealer with superior customer service, resulting in more customers preferring to deal with you.


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