Difference between Virtual (online) and Traditional Car Brokers/Dealers

The auto dealer’s critical role as the connecting link has remained intact despite the wave of digitization that has swept through the auto industry bringing numerous changes.

One of the major changes has been the increasing shift towards the online channel in the car buying process. Customers prefer online sources for key information to evaluate options such as car features, prices and financing, and are today looking to even buy online.

Virtual car dealers have recognized the importance of being present prominently in the customer’s chosen channel and are adopting the necessary tools and the processes. However there are still many traditional car dealers who have not yet made the shift.  The key differences between these two dealer types are:

  1. Traditional car brokers depend on walk-ins for sales leads: Traditional car dealer primarily operate based on customer walk-ins. The customers need to visit the dealer to look over available options and discuss it with the floor salesman.  Virtual dealers on the other hand depend on digital sources like websites to get leads and have systems like virtual business development centers which handle the sales process remotely using the phone and tools like live video chat.
  2. Traditional dealers use on conventional methods: With traditional dealers, customer service delivery is limited to in-person visits, or at best phone calls. This often causes delayed resolution of problems and lengthening of the buying process.
  3. Traditional Car Dealers have no online presence: These dealers have very minimal presence online. This causes them to miss out on customers using online channels to explore car options.
  4. Role of Technology is limited: Technology is not a big priority for traditional car dealers. They depend on tried-and-tested methods and put faith in face-to-face in-person interactions for closing the buying process. Unfortunately, this means they are dependent on customers visiting the dealership in a timely fashion.

Don’t Miss Out On The Benefits of Cutting-edge Technology

With technology having far-reaching impact on the success of an auto dealer in today’s environment, it is essential that traditional car dealers examine ways of incorporating innovative technologies like co-browsing software to derive business benefits:

  • Improved quantity and quality of sales leads: Digital sources are fast becoming vital for generating high quality sales leads. With live engagement tools, dealers will be handle sales enquiries proactively making it more likely for closure.
  • Connect with customers: Customers who are looking to purchase a car spend 59 percent of their time online. Having an online presence can thus ensure that customers can find and connect with you.
  • Better customer service: Having the right tools such as live chat software is essential to delivery top-notch customer service over online platforms. With these tools, customer service can be speedy, personalized and interactive thanks to innovative web video chat.
  • Cost-efficient sales processes: Real-time engagement solutions are simple to use – needing little training and are easy to deploy.
  • Improved sales conversions : Using technology like live chat platform you can make sales processes more efficient and faster as much of the activities including sharing documents online becomes feasible remotely without requiring in-store visits.

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