How Sales enablement indeed leads to increase in car sales

Companies across the world are implementing sales enablement tools and measures to boost the productivity of sales teams. Recent research by Forbes Insights has shown that companies consider sales productivity to be a factor for success. Almost 71 percent of C-suite executives consider this to be critical to growth, underscoring the vital role it plays.

In case of car dealerships as well, sales enablement can make a dramatic impact in improving sales conversions.  The complex and information heavy nature of car sales means that sales staff need to have tools and techniques that can help them do more in customer interactions. These tools must not only make the sales team efficient but also effective.

Deploying easy-to-use and intuitive technological tools can go a long way in having fruitful discussions, building trust and strong relationships with customers. Real-time engagement tools make human-to-human interaction easier in the online medium and enrich conversations with multimedia support

Driving sales conversations. With Real-Time Engagement Tools

Car sales involves customers gathering and assessing information gathering from variety of information regarding their car choices. It is a highly technical and heavy-duty subject, leading to customers often relying on dealers to provide expert inputs. They could be looking for additional information, have questions of the inventory available or perhaps help in solving a problem in the buying process. Whatever be the scenario, prompt and helpful assistance from the car sales staff is essential for closing sales.

Real-time engagement platform has tools like co-browser, live video chat and content sharing that make it easier for sales personnel to provide the right support at the right time.

  • Co-browsing can help sales agents carry out personalized walkthroughs thorough the website or the product portfolio or even the in-site inventory without compromising security
  • With live chat you can conveniently converse with the customers on their needs and expectations and explore options
  • Video chat is a great way to understand customer requirements in detail and discuss complex subjects like car financing processes or other legalities just like it can be done in an in-person visit
  • With content sharing you can send and receive documents required for discussions without any delay while conversing itself
  • Sales staff can combine communication medium in one session – a co-browsing session with a phone call or live chat to provide step-by step guidance on the website to meet customer needs.

Key Features of the Real-time Engagement Platform

Given the flexibility and range of features, virtual engagement platform can have a dramatic impact on the sales productivity of the team.  The key features that make it an apt fit for car sales are:

  1. Context aware: The co-browser enables sales agent to step into a customer’s situation on the website and view the same thing. This helps quicker understanding and easier communication.
  2. Flexible Use: The sales personnel can use the multiple options of video, visual or text support as per the demand of the situation. This allows for better quality of support since it is tailored to the situation
  3. Easily Deployed and Integrated: The platform doesn’t require any special software or plugins. It is integrated into the existing software without any additional modifications
  4. No Training Required: Being a simple Browser-based tool, it requires no special training. Sales staff will able to quickly understand its uses and features
  5. Secure and Private: The co-browser blocks any confidential information like credit card number. It also allows agents to view only the webpage in question and not the browser or the desktop of the customer
  6. Click-to-Call Feature: The tool becomes a part of the website and offers a click-to-call function, allowing customers to access the contact option at every page of the website.

Engage With Customers and Make Every Interaction Count

There are visible business benefits to having the virtual engagement platform. The complexity of Car sales makes it necessary for the sales team to empower with the right tools for them to deliver their results. Some of the major benefits of having these tools are

  • Sales cycle is shorter as the agent is able to engage and respond to customer questions without delay.
  • Richer customer interactions as agents can either use video or textual help to solve customer problems depending on customer needs.
  • Higher Customer satisfaction as agents can better understand what the customer is looking for and provide the right solution.

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