How to Fight Trust Barriers to make a Successful Sales Online

The online revolution has made shopping via the web highly popular. The popularity of online shopping has risen so much that it has edged out in-store visits given the high level of convenience and comfort of online transactions.

But some hesitation persists when it comes to people have to make purchase decisions on the online channel.  Some miss the live interaction feature which helps them gain confidence in their choice before finalizing a purchase while others may worry about privacy and security.

For auto dealers, in particular, it becomes vital to take steps that counter these trust barriers in order to improve business performance. Several companies are today deploying technological solutions that ensure adequate security and support for customers while carrying out online transactions. By the virtue of having these tools, companies are able to reassure the customer and gain their trust.

One of the most important ways by which companies can fight trust barriers is by incorporating visual engagement. With face-to-face interaction in online interactions, dealers can bring a human touch resulting in increased rapport and understanding. This is why more and more companies are incorporating visual engagement tools like video chat, co-browsing, and screen sharing along with live chat. It is well-acknowledged that it improves customer trust, and ultimately the customer’s satisfaction with the company.

Boost Customer Confidence with Real Time engagement tools

Virtual collaboration tools are especially effective in automotive sales which are complex and intimidating.  Personal interaction between sales staff and the customer go a long way in building trust during the typically long and complex buying process.

Delivering product brochures, answering questions regarding the car or financing or clarifications on key procedures are important transactions where the customer looks for reliable and trustworthy service and information from dealers. By using real-time engagement tools, customer support executives will be able to intervene in the right manner and right time, developing the customer’s trust.  A company representative can chat with the customer and quickly understand his or her needs and readily support the customer.

Here are 5 ways in which the tools can be used to enhancing customer trust and encourage online interactions:

  1. Provide live product tours: Using tools like video live chats and co-browsing, company representatives can guide customers through car features or in-site inventory. The live interactions offer the opportunity to sales staff to handle any questions or doubts that the customer may have resulting in speeding up the buying journey.
  1. Solve customer issues instantly: As customers go through the process of purchasing a car, they usually have many question and clarifications. By using real-time collaboration tools support executives can quickly answer questions by which they are able to remove all doubts in the minds of the customer. 
  1. Real-person help at the click of a button: The Online process can be an impersonal experience. The option of having live chats allows customers the opportunity to reach out a real person for help and discussion. This is critical for building a strong connect and relationship with customers buying cars. 
  1. Personalized visual assistance: With video chats online, customers are able to have a face-to-face interaction with company representatives. When used along co-browsing customers receive personalized help during complex decisions or transactions which result in higher levels of customer engagement.
  1. Highly Secure Technology: Virtual collaboration platform is highly secure. Co-browsing software limits the view to only the website concerned and conceals all confidential information like credit card numbers. Such security measures will reassure customers any transaction one through the platform is safe. 

Improving customer confidence levels has a great impact on business performance of auto dealerships. Customers are more willing to go engage with the dealer staff and take decisions accelerating the buying process. Some direct business benefits are:

  • Faster sales closures as a result of quicker exchange of critical information between customer and sales staff.
  • Improvement in customer service levels as company agents react quickly to needs of customers and can use any of the available tools for solving customer’s problems.
  • Improved customer loyalty which results in customers coming back to the dealer for closing on the sale due to higher trust and positive opinion.


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