Live Online Engagement and Communication: New way to start Deals Online

Buying a car can be a complicated and, at times, an intimidating journey. Complex technical terminology, innumerable brands, varied options can all make it a challenging process for customers. As customers start the process of finding their preferred car, they gather information from multiple sources and evaluate options available. Many today prefer to do this online since it is speedier and more convenient.

The auto dealership’s website is, not surprisingly, the first port of call as customers like to get details from an authoritative source making the website a critical channel for dealers to engage with customers. By implementing suitable tools and technologies, you have the power to change a simple website visit into an opportunity for building a relationship.

Live online engagement is absolutely the key to achieving this objective. Live chat with co-browsing are real-time browser-based applications that give you the chance to build a deeper relationship with the customer, understand their needs and provide ready support when they need it.

In fact, research has shown that 68% of customers would like to have the option of webchat while browsing a website and 89% want their queries answered by a person. This is why auto dealer chat is such an important tool for dealerships.

By deploying such technological solutions, not only will you be able to build stronger relationships, your business performance is also bound to improve significantly. Following are the 5 concrete ways in which live engagement tools deployed in your Virtual Business Development centre can improve sales:

  1. Turn browsing visits into qualified leads: A visitor merely browsing on your website can leave without doing anything more than looking over the information available. Live online engagement using Car dealer chat will make sure that you don’t miss this opportunity of converting them into leads. By personal interaction, you will be able to gather a better understanding of the customer’s need so that you can offer suggestions and choices not possible otherwise. A strongly engaged customer is far more likely to translate into a strong lead. 
  1. Improve conversions to boost sales: With car dealer chat, a customer service agent is never far away, making it possible for customer to connect immediately with a live representative and interact one-on-one. This instant communication makes it easy for the customer support personnel to guide the customer through the sales process. Video chats can be used to answer questions, provide clarifications or fresh up-to-date information which can ensure that the customer remains involved in the buying process with you. Not just that, using co-browsing the agent can walk the customer through the different product options or explore in-site inventory helping the customer move through the decision-making process and boost sales.   
  1. Deliver superior customer experience: A static website is a limiting experience. With car dealer chat the customer can receive relevant and personalized attention as it facilities ready support right at the time of need.  This highly interactive form of communication made possible by Automotive chat makes it easy to replicate in-person interaction helping the sales staff to build a rapport. 
  1. Make the sales process easier: Customers collect and evaluate a lot of information while purchasing a car. Given the complexity of the subject it is natural that they would require detailed documents including product brochures, images, forms etc. The BDC Automotive staff can use real-time content sharing to instantaneously send across the documents and even go through them with the customer by using the co-browsing
  1. Build strong customer relationships: The intensive research that customers do while buying a car takes them to many different places. By having live virtual engagement as a part of your Virtual Business Development centre, you can easily build a connection with the customers. Live chats, video chats result in superior customer service because the agents can see and interact with the customers, resulting in better appreciation of their needs. They can answer questions, provide clarifications via Automotive chat and build customer trust and loyalty. Having strong relationships can significantly increase the chances of the customer preferring to deal with you.



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