Reduce the Distance Between the Customer and your Showroom.

The car shopping journey today has changed significantly.  Traditionally, consumers visited a number of showrooms within a dealerships to look over options before deciding on the car to buy but today, more and more consumers prefer to conduct most their research online before stepping out to dealerships to see the cars in person.

Research reveals that over 68% of consumers visited just two dealerships or even lesser before making the final decision, demonstrating just how important online channels have become. In fact over 80 percent use online sources to gather relevant information. Dealership websites therefore must have not only the ability to comprehensively service all the requirements of the customer but also build a strong rapport with the customer that brings them to the showroom.

Live engagement tools such as co-browsing and live chats are pivotal to make this possible. Dealerships with Virtual Business Development centre must not limit their sales tools to emails or phone calls, but use real-time applications to proactively initiate conversations with the customers.

Such tools have the potential to convert a website visit from a mere information collection journey to an active buying process. The dealership sales staff gets an opportunity to engage with the customer on their buying journey and help them at every stage, becoming partners in fact rather than mere support.

Virtual engagement tools thus humanize online interactions.  Following are the 5 most significant benefits from adopting these easily-to-install technological solutions:

  1. Enhanced customer support: By deploying revolutionary tools such as car dealer chat, dealerships can make the car buying process significantly easier and less stressful. Customer-facing personnel can step in and offer expert advice or sort out issues right on the website without the customer having to either having to make a phone call or make a personal visit.
  1. Improvement in sales conversions: As a result of having the ability to offer personalized service and interact one-on-one using Automotive chat and video chats, sales staff are able to understand the needs of the customer better. This enables them to deliver intuitive service that reassures the customers and moves them forward on the buying process, leading to better sales closures
  1. Increased showroom visits: Customers who experience superior customer service while browsing on dealership website are more likely to visit the dealer’s showroom to look at options in person. The rapport built through earlier interactions via Automotive chat coverts website visits to qualified leads who make the visit to the showroom and are keen to move forward on the purchase.
  1. Strengthened sales process: With online channels becoming more critical in driving sales, website must become more than a static medium for information. Tools like Car dealer chat deployed in BDC Automotive enable sales staff to speak with the customer personally to understand their needs while customers are on the site. Co-browsing makes it possible for them to show product options or explain complex document requirements. Such facilities empower the sales staff to work more efficiently and consequently improve their closure rates 
  1. Smoother buying experience: Buying a car is a major investment and understandably buyers spend a lot of time and effort to ensure they make the right decision. The technical terminology, the numerous options, the complex financing requirements – all make the process daunting and long-drawn. Automotive chat along with co-browsing can ease the process significantly. Queries, clarifications or questions can be addressed by the dealership staff with no delay or long holds in phone calls.

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