Virtual BDC is the Secret to Customer Satisfaction and Higher Sale!

Purchasing a car is an important milestone in life for everyone and is also one of the biggest financial decisions. Automotive sales have boomed in the past few years, with rapid growth taking the industry to new highs. Over the years, technological advancement has brought several changes to the industry – not just the cars themselves as well as in the car buying process.

Customers are today spoiled for choice – new brands, new car types, new automotive technology, and new designs.  Customers have become tech-savvy and well-versed as they use online sources which offer in-depth information on cars to research on options, making them far more knowledgeable buyers today.

In this scenario, auto dealers have the challenging task of attracting and retaining customers. Bringing the customer to the showroom and convincing them to buy is an ongoing process that spans both online and offline channels. Given the rising importance of online sources, it’s no surprise that constant efforts in the virtual space are essential for success.

Virtual BDC Automotive Play Crucial Role in Success of Automotive Dealers

Virtual BDCs are a vital link between interested customers and the dealership showroom.  The primary goal of Virtual BDC is keeping the customers engaged in the process and move them forward in the buying process, stepping in where necessary with information and assistance. This, of course, helps the dealership to reach out to customers proactively and not fully depend on customer walk-ins into the showroom.

Virtual BDC, in fact, has the potential to bring in new customers who are in the exploratory phase and looking for information, and engaging with them through their buying process. In order to accomplish this, sales staff at virtual BDC Automotive must be provided with the right technological tools such as co-browsing, live chat, video chat and instant file sharing.

These tools improve customer experience and help in tangible ways to increase business performance:

  1. Help Close Sales Faster: The real-time collaboration tools empower the sales staff at the BDC to provide appropriate support to the customers without delay. By ensuring customer needs are met quickly, they ensure that the customer is able to move forward in the purchasing process. 
  1. Enhance Quality Of Customer Interaction: Interactive video chats, instant responses through live chat plugin, screen sharing and personal guidance with co-browsing – all of these features enrich customer interactions and provide a customer experience that is appreciated and builds trust.
  1. Provide Personalized Support To Customers: Co-browsing is a powerful tool for auto dealers. This tool enables the sales staff to provide hands-on assistance to customers, guiding them through product features, in-site inventory and more. Complex transactions like form-filling are also made easier with this feature. 
  1. Respond Instantly To Customers: Virtual engagement tools ensure that customers don’t have to wait for answers. A real person is available from the company’s side to handle queries and discuss with the customers. This makes the customers feel reassured and builds customer confidence in the dealership and the sales staff 
  1. Built Strong Customer Relationships with Face-to-Face Conversations: Bridge gaps in communication by initiating video chats that make it possible to have live and personalized discussions. The visual interaction mimics in-person store service and brings benefits like increased understanding between the customer and the sales staff.

Enhance Business Success with Real-Time Collaboration Tools

These tools are proven to improve customer satisfaction. According to research carried out by Aberdeen Group companies that offered live chat services 34 percent more customer satisfaction than other companies. Therefore it is imperative for auto dealerships to incorporate such tools to meet their business goals. The platform is feature-rich and easy to deploy:

  • The webRTC-powered tools are secure and do not allow the disclosure of sensitive information like account number of credit card number. Customer’s desktop or web browser is also not seen beyond the website in question
  • The tools are context-sensitive enabling sales personnel to switch between audio, video, and text without losing customer’s journey on the website
  • It seamlessly integrates with the website and offers click-to-call facility
  • Multi-format support across desktop, tablet and mobile platform are available, enabling customers to reach out regardless of their device
  • The platform requires no software license or installation as it is browser-based

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