What Influenced Car Buyers 5 Years ago vs Today?

In this era of evolution, everything is moving online and very few things are still bought by actually stepping out. From shoes to clothes and mobiles to televisions, every single commodity can now be bought online and completely hassle free. All a person has to do is make a few clicks, compare his choice of products and complete the transaction. However, when it comes to buying a car online, people still tend to hesitate. This happens mostly because of the large amount of money that is involved in the car-buying process.

Car buyers 5 years ago were a lot different from those that exist today. Traditionally, people would visit car showrooms and spend a considerable amount of time looking for the perfect car. They would meet the dealers personally and discuss about their requirements in long meetings with them. This process of car-buying was not only tiring but also time consuming for customers. 5 years ago, customers were influenced by the standard of the showrooms and the specifications of the vehicle that they were looking to buy. Even though these things still influence potential customers today, they can be provided all of these things without making them travel all the way to the showroom every time they have a related query.

What makes it easier for dealerships to influence potential buyers and increase sales?

The main difference between car buyers 5 years ago vs car buyers today is that today these buyers neither have time to visit the showroom personally nor have any patience to wait for their queries to be answered. Therefore, applications like live/video chat can be extremely helpful tools for car dealers since they can contact potential website visitors instantly through these software. According to, 4 Reasons Dealerships Cannot Ignore Texting, the faster a dealer responds to visitors, the more likely he is to influence them. E-mails are read within an average of 6.5 hours and phone calls are often avoided, thus making live/video chat the best way to converse with future prospects visiting the website.

According to, The Digital Car Dealership: A Welcome Solution for Most Car Buyers, 75% to 80% of the vehicle purchasing is over before customers actually visit physical showrooms, the video chat platform is ideal for quickly converting prospects into customers by delivering accurate and sufficient information.

Customers, today, are on the go and want to acquire everything as quickly as possible. As more and more customers move to online car-buying processes, it becomes essential for dealerships to cater to their needs. They need to make use of effective web tools such as live/video chat and engage website visitors perfectly in order to convert them to showroom appointments. The easiest way to influence any potential car-buyers today is to simply make them feel prioritized and address each of their queries as fast as possible. This not only results in a higher conversion of leads but also leaves a great impact on the customers.

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