Why Dealerships are Realizing that the Retail Process Needs to Change?

The times have changed from people visiting showrooms and markets every now and then to gradually shifting all of their transactions online. Nobody has the time to visit showrooms anymore because it is a tedious task and everyone is already preoccupied with their work regimes. Before the development of substantial web tools, there was practically no way for the web dealers to contact potential customers visiting their automotive website. This created a troublesome situation because these visitors are generally in the last stage of the car-buying process when they end up visiting the automotive website just to clear their doubts and queries about the commodity that they are going to buy.

What dealers need to understand is that their retail process needs a transformation which can help them communicate better with their customers. With a decreasing level of patience, customers quickly abandon the website if they don’t get a response within seconds of approaching an agent online. Dealers need to embed features like live/video chat on their websites because the more complex a product or buying process is, the more customers require quick and accurate personal support. According to, Live Chat in Online Car Sales: Benefits and Common Questions, live chat is reported to have a visible impact on the increase of conversions, improvement of customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty. By utilizing applications like live/video chat, dealers can easily communicate with prospects and maximize the value of their website.

The use of current applications like live/video chat are changing the face of retail for dealership companies

According to, Dealership websites should stop “chatting” and start “communicating”, modern chat platforms like live/video chat help dealers in tracking not only what pages visitors are browsing but also help in building a unique profile of every website visitor based on the links and information that he is looking up. Dealership companies can also give their website visitors an opportunity to ask all of their queries via live/video chat and provide them with prompt replies and viable solutions.

Most customers visit automotive websites in order to attain maximum information about the car that they are planning to buy. Since this process involves large sums of money, they often find themselves confused and insecure. If a dealer speaks to them and answers all of their queries in real-time, they not only feel more confident about the entire transactional process but they also start trusting the dealer and the company more.

One of the main concerns of the customer includes the car’s true potential and possible problems. Every product comes with some flaws and that is exactly what the customers want to know about. They cannot expect to receive this information from a simple description on the website or coded replies from a machine. Therefore, it is highly important to embed live/video chat applications on their website and provide all necessary information to the customers. They can also guide them through big and complex forms and documentation which an important as well as very confusing part of the entire car buying process.


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