Why the Traditional Car Dealers aren’t Open to Adopt the Virtual Platform?

Traditional car buying process is complicated and long-drawn, requiring customers to visit various dealers before finally deciding on their choice. The trend of digitization has brought in a lot of changes. One of the key changes experienced by the car industry is the online car purchase process. In fact according to research buyers today visit only 1.6 dealers on an average before making a purchase as opposed to five dealers 10 years ago. This signifies a dramatic decrease in the number of customers approaching a traditional car dealer while on the car shopping journey.

Auto dealers thus need to reinvent themselves in order to maintain their successes and improve business performance amidst these new trends. Virtual business development center is a key tool that can be utilized by car dealers as it enables the sales staff to directly reach out and interact with customers, thereby generating leads and help in closing sales

Traditional car dealers often hesitate from adopting the virtual platform. Key reasons for this reluctance are:

  1. Unwillingness to abandon tried and tested methods: Traditional auto dealers are used to a certain manner of functioning and have seen it to be successful. Making a dramatic change in these systems and processes can be difficult if the dealers are not convinced that they will deliver better results than their current practices
  2. Unconvinced of impact: Traditional car dealers may not have the conviction that online platforms can work. Face-to-face interactions which seem successful and see no reason to replace this
  3. Untrained sales staff: Since the new techniques are vastly different from those being used currently, dealers may think that their staff is untrained for it and thus may not like to shift from the systems the staff are adept in
  4. High time and investment commitments: Auto dealers who prefer traditional methods might feel that virtual platforms need a lot of investment for installation and operations.

Technological solutions like virtual platforms which feature real-time engagement tools can help in addressing these serious concerns. The following are some of the benefits of adopting innovative technologies like co-browsing and live chat which can be extremely valuable for success in the current environment:

  • Faster response to customers: Virtual platforms can offer features like car chat that enables faster resolution of problems and quick responses that can result in better quality of customer service
  • Stronger customer relationships: Virtual platforms enable building rapport with customers resulting in better relationships, and increased trust and loyalty
  • More accessible to customers: Customers browsing online will be able to get in touch with dealer staff in a jiffy and even interact face-to-face with tools such as video chat
  • Cost-effective solution: Real-time engagement tools are low-cost and do not need any specific hardware or software purchase.
  • Easy to deploy: These solutions are simple, requiring no training and are easy to adopt since they only need a web-browser and an internet connection after the initial integration within the website.
  • Better sales conversions : Sales staff can perform better as a result of having tools to deliver personalized service and close leads faster


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